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Our Services

Everything we do for our customers - from receipt of material through processing and shipment - happens in an efficient and seamless way because of our streamlined processes that minimize turnaround time.

Once a heat treatment or blast & coat process has been completed, we can electronically deliver all documentation, including heat charts, graphs, inspection reports and certificates of conformance as verification of the process that we were contracted to perform. This type of accountability is designed to keep our customers informed every step of the way.

By the time a part arrives for processing, our operations have often been fine-tuned well in advance through discussions with our customers before the part even leaves their premises. We can go a step further and become involved in the design phase of a component to keep the optimization of processing in mind. Customers rely on our extensive experience with a myriad of parts and process variables to help steer them in a direction that saves them time, effort and costs.

We also offer full facilities under our cranes for hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels. Rather than shipping a tank back to their own plant, customers can perform full pressure testing on our site. This saves time and money by helping verify the operational robustness of their vessels and get them to the final destination sooner.

The sum total of all the services we perform is best summarized by the aim we hope to achieve for all our customers -

"Let Us Take The Stress Out Of Your Job!"