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Aberfoyle Metal Treaters - History

It was a warm day in May 1989 when Aberfoyle Metal Treaters broke ground to build the first part of what is now a 5-acre facility. The company started with one large-capacity furnace and one crane and has grown at a steady pace since then. Adding one furnace after another, Aberfoyle expanded to accommodate a diverse range of clients' components.

The real history of Aberfoyle didn't start there, however. Harry Hall, Aberfoyle's President, had been involved in heat treating of materials for about 15 years prior to the founding of Aberfoyle Metal Treaters. It was during those years that he gained hands-on experience in the business and became extremely well-versed in the industry. The experiences taught Harry that there was a definite need in the market place for a heat treating facility like Aberfoyle.

Temper and Quench of Large Castings
Bending Piping for Bridge Sections
By 1999, it became apparent many customers had needs for secondary processing beyond heat treating, so a 15,000 square foot, state-of-the-art blasting and coating facility was added to serve those customers. With two paint booths and three blast units, Aberfoyle was able to handle a wide range of secondary operations on components from a diverse assortment of indsutries.

Enthusiastic attention to the needs of our customers has been one of the key factors in our rapid growth rate. Not only have we added facilities to accommodate the needs of our customers, we have also ventured into uncharted areas to provide very unique heat treating solutions for customers. As we move forward, the need to continue innovating our processes and services is the key to our continued success.
Quenching Large Components