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Aberfoyle Metal Treaters - News Archives

Below, you'll find a chronological collection of past news items, articles and other announcements about Aberfoyle Metal Treaters. Click on the titles or icons for additional information on each of the items.

Harry Hall was awarded the presitgious MTI Heritage Award.
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Harry Hall Rewarded MTI Heritage Award

Aberfoyle Metal Treaters has been awarded a Canadian Controlled Goods Certificate. This certificate is a Canadian government assurance that Aberfoyle Metal Treaters has the security procedures and abilities to handle materials and parts for military applications. The certificate also gives us the clearance to do work under the US ITAR program (International Traffic in Arms Regulations - a set of US government regulations that controls the export and import of defense-related items and services). This certification will open the door to many potential new contracts for Aberfoyle involving military products.
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Aberfoyle Granted a Controlled Goods Certificate

Aberfoyle Metal Treaters performed extensive upgrades to the largest furnace at the plant - Furnace #1. Both the furnace interior, burners and control systems were substantially upgraded to enhance performance
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Aberfoyle Upgrades Furnace #1

Aberfoyle Metal Treaters was featured in an article about the upswing in the nuclear power industry in Ontario
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Ontario's Nuclear Renaissance

Aberfoyle Metal Treaters opened it's 15,000 square foot blast and coat operations
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Aberfoyle Opens Custom Coating Operation